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MotoSK8 Motorized Skates     MotoSK8 Modified Motorized Skates


MOTOBOARD's MOTOSK8s are made in the USA by precision computerized machinery. MOTOBOARD's MOTOSK8s are designed to withstand your in-line skating needs. MOTOBOARD's MOTOSK8s can support up to a 300 pound skater and the weight of the engine does not inhibit your skating ability. One MOTOSK8 is powered by a 22.5 cc two stroke engine and a precision gear drive that powers the rear wheel. this makes it possible to achieve a speed of approximately 25 mph. acceleration is controlled by a hand held throttle cable assembly and braking by a drag and cushion brake system.

Price: $699.00




MOTOBOARD's MOTOSK8s uses pre-mixed unleaded gasoline and can average over 100 mpg. Run out of fuel, continue to free skate to your destination. All wheels are standard in-line that can be easily replaced.


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